Discover the Dos Ojos Park!

17 December, 2018

The living nature of the Riviera Maya is embodied in the most diverse forms, from beautiful iguanas and nice spider monkeys to cheerful birds. However, the natural scenery itself, from the south end of Chetumal to Playa del Carmen, keeps inside a unique geological phenomenon of America: the cenotes .

Dos Ojos Park

Dos Ojos Park is a natural lung of the peninsula that offers five of the most beautiful cenotes to be visited by the public. Located north of Tulum, Dos Ojos Park is the gateway to an underwater world hidden from plain sight.

Jaguar, the open cenote that mirrors the Mayan sky. Photo: Dos Ojos Park


Dos Ojos is a system of flooded caves that extend for 50 miles, through which you can find 28 entrances to its interior. These entries are what we know as Cenotes.

Some of these entrances are located within Ejido Jacinto Pat, named after an indigenous Mayan leader from the Tihosuco village. The inhabitants of the region consider themselves as guardians of the cenotes and the nature that surrounds them, which is why the tourism is oriented towards an environmental ethic that seeks moderation and respect for nature.

Mystery Maya is a cenote that turns into a cave. Photo: Dos Ojos Park


The cenotes

Jaguar is an open cenote surrounded by exuberant vegetation at ground level. Its geology makes the cenote a natural pool, making it ideal for diving and water games.

Dos Ojos refers to the two cenotes in the shape of eyes that are very close to each other. In the depths of each ‘eye’ you can make a trip to the past: fish fossils, snails, shells, and corals are embedded underwater.

Nicté Ha is a relaxing crystalline pool, favorite of butterflies and birds that refresh themselves next to the tourists. Ideal for a day with your family, this cenote is the favorite of first-time divers and snorkel enthusiasts.

Dive in The Pit, just for experts! Photo: Dos Ojos Park


The Pit is one of the most hidden cenotes of the Park. Its difficult access and depth make it a challenge for most tourists, so its enjoyment is reserved only for the most experienced divers.

Honoring its name, Mystery Maya is a natural grotto that combines the open cenote with the semi-open. Let the rock formations surprise you, and don’t worry about the bats living there, they are harmless!

Visit the Dos Ojos Park and fall in love with the jewels created by nature over millions of years in the Riviera Maya.

Immerse yourself in Nicté Ha. Photo: Dos Ojos Park

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