Punta Maroma, a hidden paradise

17 December, 2018

Along the beautiful coast of Quintana Roo, you will find the most beautiful beaches in Mexico. A small oasis of smooth, white sand emerges from the deep Mayan jungle. One of the radiant beaches that does not get as much justice as it deserves is the unique Punta Maroma.

The hidden beauty of Punta Maroma

Located away from the big tourist centers like Cancun, but very close to Playa del Carmen, Punta Maroma is the favorite destination of the newlyweds. Thanks to the simplicity of its tourist infrastructure, the atmosphere that characterizes it is that of the calm and tranquility of those who arrive at virginal territory. The perfect place to celebrate a Honeymoon among the beach and the stars.

Pristine waters and unparalleled skies.


Like all destinations in the Caribbean, the crystal clear waters of Punta Maroma are a delight for the senses: an intense turquoise blue surprises the eye, the faint murmur of the waves relaxes the ear, and its pleasant temperature refreshes the touch.

Punta Maroma has several diving and snorkeling sites to dive among the colorful fishes that inhabit the reef barrier of the Mesoamerican Reef System that passes the coast; while the most adventurous can live the incredible experience of swimming with dolphins.

Aerial view of the barrier reef and Punta Maroma.

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