Caminarte: Art in the Riviera Maya

17 December, 2018

The Riviera Maya is one of the greatest attractions of the Mexican Caribbean. Its turquoise seas and modern lifestyle contrast with the historical past of the region.

Today the area is also a modern and cosmopolitan city, so art cannot be absent. Caminarte is an artistic corridor where creators from different disciplines gather to exhibit their works on the Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen.

Art and fun await you in the Riviera Maya.


Every Thursday, from dusk until 11 at night, the Fifth Avenue becomes a traveling gallery where local artists exhibit paintings and photographs.

To make the experience even more interesting, all the pieces on display are for sale and visitors can get to know the authors and creators up close.

In Caminarte you can find small but beautiful paintings.


To expose their creations, artists must make an economic contribution to local authorities, which helps to disseminate the project and allows more artists to integrate into the project.

Caminarte is an urban showcase that gives Playa del Carmen a very particular style, activates the economy of the area, and invites you to have a much closer experience with art.


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