Rosewood Mayakoba, ten years of luxury

17 December, 2018

Luxury and wellbeing in the Riviera Maya have been living in Rosewood Mayakoba for ten years. Our exclusive hotel concept makes Rosewood the most desired option for national and international travelers looking to experience an incredible season in the Mexican Caribbean.

More than 600 collaborators work day and night to create unique experiences and unforgettable moments for our clients, offering a quality service that makes Mayakoba an experience like no other.

An essential characteristic of Mayakoba is that it embraces its roots and adapts to the culture of its surroundings, creating experiences that bring its guests closer to Mexican traditions. Flavors, ingredients, textures that reflect the national spirit. It is not only luxury facilities and personalized service, but also a tribute to Mexico.

The luxurious interior of a Casa Coral.


Ten years of growth

Ten years after the emergence of Rosewood Mayakoba, the complex keeps on growing. Recently, the workers concluded the creation of an artificial reef, that was placed to gain 50 meters of beach. Also, this year there will be a renovation of all suites, distributed in a natural environment of jungle, mangroves, and beaches. They will have a beach club and a private pool to satisfy the most demanding guests.

Therefore, if your goal is to live with tranquility and coexisting in harmony with the environment, Mayakoba is for you. Streets created for people, not cars, are a fundamental part of its roads. Green corridors rich in native vegetation abound in Mayakoba, as well as separate lanes for bicycles and automobiles.

Sitemap of Mayakoba.


The Mayakoba City life model is based on a sustainable integral urban development model. As a result, 409 hectares of residential developments, health centers, educational institutions, commercial spaces, entertainment options and green areas are part of the everyday landscape.

Don’t wait any longer! Acquire a property in Rosewood Mayakoba today.

Casa Manglar in Rosewood Mayakoba.

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